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Unique Experiences

at Number 31

Dublin itself is quite a quirky city that has a lot of unusual places and things to offer. While there are the usual hot spots and sightseeing to be done, why not try something one of a kind that Dublin city has to present.




            While you are up for a drink, why not make your own cocktail yourself, at the award-winning Vintage Cocktail Club. Here you can experience a 1920’s styled interior while also having a very chic feel about it. There are different packages for the cocktail classes which occur on weekdays and weekends. You can create classic cocktails or maybe something a little strange, but they will all taste amazing for sure. The taste testing is almost as good as making the drinks yourself!




            Why not head to Ireland’s oldest public library. If the weather is not so great you can spend some time indoors sifting through the beautiful manuscripts and books on display. All these scripts and literature are one of a kind from many centuries ago. It has been around since 1707 and some people that have visited here in the years gone by have experienced some haunted presence within the building. For those of you brave enough to head into this relic of a place and roam a haunted building, enjoy!




            If you are looking for a full packed day tour, why not try the bus tour that takes you to the famous sets and locations from the Game of Thrones series. Here you get to escape reality and immerse yourself into the world of Game of Thrones. Costumes are even provided on the tour to really make you feel a part of the era. Lunch is provided and you will visit sets and locations such as The House of Greyjoy ( Dunluce Castle) and many other roads and buildings that were used in the series. This experience is truly like no other.




            Why not take your taste buds for a trip to The Whiskey Trail located on Clarendon Street up from St. Stephens Green. Here you can try the many different brands and strengths of whiskey from all over Ireland. You will be able to taste over six different types of whiskey in three different bars. You can even pair the different whiskeys with other Irish foods that complement each other.


With other unusual sites and comedy clubs such as The Laughter Club or The Comedy Cellar located all over the city, there are so many distinctive and bizarre places for you to explore in this incredible city.




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