Dublin’s Convention Centre

  • 20 minutes leisurely walk along the Grand Canal from Number 31
  • Breakfasts served at times to suit Convention Centre events
  • Taxis arranged

Take a cube. Jam a tilted barrel into one of the sides. There! You've just designed the Convention Centre Dublin.

Of course, with a building that took nearly four years to build and a decade of political wrangling to get built in the first place, you should expect a bit more than that bald description. Fortunately for Dublin, the place delivers.

First, there's the location. This is superb, right on the Liffey River as it starts to broaden out on its short rush to the Irish Sea. Then, there's the lovely Samuel Beckett Bridge designed by starchitect Santiago Calatrava. This is the first bridge you see coming up the Liffey from its mouth and it was designed to resemble a harp lying on its side.

Very graceful it is, but the best part is to walk across it. This is a pedestrian only experience, which is a good thing because by the time you reach the centre the harp is vibrating like it's going to burst into song. It's a high tech rope bridge and is at least as much fun to cross as the playful span on Tom Sawyer's Island in Disney World. Who needs bouncy castles when we have our own Calatrava?

The Convention Centre itself is a spectacle, particularly at night when it serves as a giant light show, an alien mother ship landing in bright bursts of colour. And simply to walk into the breathtaking atrium is worth the price of admission. Which happens to be free!

Finally, there's the display space. The universal consensus is - superb! Small meeting rooms, large display places, comfortable theatres and restaurants, the works.

Many guests at Number 31 stay with us during Convention Centre events. We make sure you're well fed after a quiet night's sleep. You can walk to the CCD from Number 31 in 20 leisurely minutes along the scenic Grand Canal. Or we'll be happy to order you a taxi.

Sightseeing In and Around Dublin

Glendalough Valley in Wicklow Mountains National Park

The two glacially carved lakes in this gorgeous valley have attracted people and wildlife since earliest times. In the 6th century, St. Kevin founded a 'Monastic City' whose ancient churches, high crosses and round tower remain to this day. Ireland does not get more beautiful. The nearby Heritage Centre has a small museum beautifully detailing the history of the area.

Newgrange, Knowth, Tara and Prehistoric Ireland

A thousand years before Stonehenge and the Pyramids, the Stone Age farming community along the Boyne River erected a series of huge mounds. The mound at Newgrange was aligned to catch the rays of the sun on the winter solstice when the rising winter sun illuminates rock art 185 feet inside a stone passageway. The scale is titanic and visitors can walk inside for a short reenactment of that timeless event. Inside and outside the mound at Newgrange and Knowth are the greatest assemblage of prehistoric rock art to be found anywhere in Europe - all still in place. The nearby Hill of Tara, ancient home of the High Kings of Ireland, is a prehistoric landscape dotted with ritual monuments.

Belfast City

Modern Belfast is a thriving and now peaceful city of 300,000. The Troubles which ended more than a decade ago are remembered via the colourful murals which decorate so many walls of this ancient city.

Number 31 arranges for a taxi to pick you up and deposit you at Connolly Station in the heart of Dublin. There you catch the two hour train to Belfast. At the train station, you will be met by a knowledgable taxi cab driver holding up a sign to connect with you.

In the hands of experts, you'll see the neighbourhoods that made headlines when times were bad and the resilient way the communities have begun to heal their past differences. Historic sights, the commercial centre, the famous ship yard where the Titanic was built are all on the tour as is a traditional lunch for some Irish stew and a pint. You're deposited back on the train for the ride back to Dublin.

Number 31 Arranges All Tour Details

We're happy to arrange all the details for any or all of these tours. You don't have to worry about a thing. We take care of everything.

Glendalough, Newgrange, Belfast - See them all during your Dublin visit.

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