Francis Bacon's Studio at Hugh Lane

Francis Bacon’s Studio Meets the World’s Glass Window Masterpiece

Permanent Exhibitions - The Dublin City Gallery (Hugh Lane)

Recently labeled one of the 1,000 Must-See works of art before you die, the painter's studio is a study in creativity.

Or a junk pile.

It really is an unbelievable mess - layers upon years of doodles and ripped magazine photos and buckets of brushes all topped with splashes of paint. The studio was willed to the fabulous Hugh Lane gallery along with several of the master's portraits. Archaeologists carefully numbered and photographed every one of the thousands of bits of detritus accumulated by this messiest of painters. Lovingly, the whole kit and kaboodle was reassembled in the Hugh Lane. Bacon could walk right in and feel free to add more layers of stuff.

Before you get to Bacon's studio, you have to pass another of those 1,000 must-see artworks. This time it's Harry Clarke's fantasy in glass, the most amazing and wondrous glass window you will ever see in your life. The studio is a curiosity, the Harry Clarke window is one of the transcendent creations of mankind.

The third (and last) of the 3 guidebook recommended Irish works of not-to-die-before art is the Book of Kells. Happily, this is also located in Dublin at the special museum in Trinity College in the heart of the city. Without a doubt, this is the pinnacle of Irish art and like the book says, you will die a regretful death if you don't take a look-see.

A lovely stay at Number 31 completes the must-see works of art.

By Scott Simons